Hand knit lace and other items

Hand knit lace and other items

Hand knit lace and other itemsHand knit lace and other itemsHand knit lace and other items
Lace shawl


 A new way to support me!  I've started a Patreon page so I can more  easily give some perks to folks who want to support me.  Give as little  as $1 one time, or up to $20 (currently) monthly, get access to  exclusive content, help me pick patterns occasionally, even free or  discounted shipping (depending on where in the world you are).  More  things to come in time!   

About Me


Hand spun and hand knit

I first learned to spin when I had to return to my parents after becoming devastatingly ill.  I remain chronically ill, still enjoy spinning, as well as knitting, and doing a few other fiber arts.

What I sell


Mostly you will find hand knitted products of no particular sizing, such as shawls.  I use a variety of yarns, and love lace and cables.  There are likely to be smaller items like bookmarks as well, and from time to time my hand spun yarn.



I also take commissions!  If you're looking for something particular, or something I have for sale but in a different color, inquire and I'll work with you to see if I can meet your need.


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Updates in gallery and sales sections 12/6/19


the Wisconsin Collection

 The items in this collection will be made from fiber and yarn sourced in Wisconsin.  There are small mills as well as fiber producers, and I'm proud to support them and use their products in my work!   Just getting started, but keep your eyes on the sales and commission page!

Shave 'em to Save 'em


The Livestock Conservancy

" The Livestock Conservancy has long said that the way to save endangered  breeds of livestock is to give them a job. In the case of wool sheep, we  need to start using their wool again. Because of marketing challenges,  some shepherds discard or compost the wool after their annual shearing  rather than cleaning it and selling it. "  


My handspun yarn

Over the life of the project I'll be spinning these rare breeds, I'll share what I do and there may occasionally be some of my handspun for sale!


Hand knitted items

In addition to hand spun yarn, I'll be hand knitting with these rare breeds as well!  I may occasionally have items for sale, or you can talk to me about a commission - many of the fiber providers are also offering yarn if you want to cut a bit of time and cost while still supporting rare breed shepherds!