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Commission information


How to order a commission:

Contact me by email, or using the form on the contact me page.  The more information you can provide me about what you want the quicker and easier coming to an agreement will be!

What kind of information?

What do you want?  Yarn?  A shawl?  Socks?  Start there!  Then what kind - cozy or lace?  Something for winter or a light top for a summer day?  What size, color, design?  Do you have a particular fiber content you want?

More about fiber content

I prefer to work with natural fibers, but am totally open to synthetics for people.  There are a few things that due to allergies or my pain issues I won't work with or need to limit, such as mohair, or cotton in tightly knitted things.  The fiber content will impact the care your item needs.  Not all wool, alpaca, cashmere and the like can be tossed in the washer and drier like a synthetic can.  Most knitted items will need to be laid flat to dry or they will stretch.  If you're unable to hand wash or lay flat to dry, knowing that up front will help me suggest yarns that fit your needs!

How much will it cost?

Hand made items cost more.  You're paying for my knowledge, skill, and time.  An average pair of socks may take 40 hours or more to knit,  a large lace shawl far, far longer!  I charge by estimated yardage, rather than time, because I feel it allows me to offer the fairest prices for my customers seeking commissions.  For ballpark figures though socks will start at around $80 for adult sizes, scarves a little less, small shawls will start at $80-$120, large lace ones are unlikely to be less than $300.  Yarns will start around $60-$70 for most fibers spun to 250-300 yds.  Fiber content will affect price as well.  If you have a limited budget and a vague idea, I'm happy to suggest items that will fit your needs!  Depending on the project there may be additional shipping.   All of this will be talked about and agreed upon before I start.

How long will it take?

This will depend on a number of factors!  If I have another commission I am working on, I will need to finish that before starting on yours.  If I need to order yarn or fiber, that will add time.  Figure on 4 weeks for an average pair of adult socks, scarves, and other small items.  Shawls, especially large or intricate ones will take a few months.  Because of my health I won't generally do "rush orders".  The amount of time I think an item will take will be one of the things we'll discuss.

How do I pay?

Once we have reached an agreement I will let you know if I need a deposit, and how much, if any, is refundable.  Deposits will be required if I do not already have fiber or yarn on hand for a project (I typically won't), and if the item is something sized, or something else that may make it difficult to sell if you do not finish paying for the item.  I will take paypal or personal check (which will need time to clear before I order materials or start work).  Once the item is finished I will send detailed pictures and a bill for the balance, and once you have paid, I will ship!


What if I don't like it?

While I do not guarantee satisfaction, I will try to work with you.  If the feel of a fabric is extremely important, let me know and I will let you know if sending a sample is possible.   The making of samples will take time, however, and require me to have the fiber and yarn on hand, which takes time and money, and if I have limited amount of, for example, a handspun yarn you want for a project, I may not be able to offer samples.  For most things I will also be willing to take pictures of progress.   Design changes midstream may cost you more, and not all yarns will tolerate being pulled out and reknit well.  Hand created items are not necessarily going to look like machine made ones, and colors can vary from one monitor to another.  I will do my best to discuss all of this with you before we come to an agreement.

Can I have you spin the yarn for a commission?

That will depend on the project and the yarn desired!  In some cases it may be the only way to get a particular yarn for a project, in others it may simply not be something I can do.  Spinning the yarn will be extra/it's own commission, often add more to the cost than a mill-spun or commercial yarn will, and add to the time that a project will take.  Typically I will send a sample of the yarn for approval before I start on the item.

What if I just want yarn?

I will not often take handspinning commissions, but feel free to ask!

Do you ever run sales on commissions?

I may, from time to time, run a special or a sale, or offer a discount on commissions as well as regular items for sale.  The best way to get word of these right now is through the Facebook page.

Allergy information:

I live with cats, and while everything I will send out will be clean, if you have a severe allergy I want people to be aware.

I do not use scented products when washing.  Some items such as silk may have a scent when wet, simply as the nature of the beast.  Also if I am ordering yarn or processed fiber, there may be scents from that.  Again, everything is washed before it leaves, but if you are particularly sensitive, let me know so I can give it an extra wash and rinse.

Many people believe they are allergic to wool, but it is most often a sensitivity to residue from commercial processing, dye, etc.  If you want to try something, but are concerned about reacting to it, ask me and if it's possible I will send a small sample to test (not just wools, but any fiber).  Also there are a lot of fine wools available that most people don't find scratchy.  Not all fibers are suited to all jobs, but if you have allergies or are particularly sensitive, let me know and I'll see if I can come up with solutions.

In closing:

I will do my best to work with you for the project.  To this end, expect some back and forth before I give you a final proposal.  There may be times when my health creates issues, and if that happens, I will keep you informed.  If you have questions, I will do my best to answer.